Scent Profile

Our Classic Scent

Antidotes’ signature scent will transport you to Napa Valley with its blend of iconic red wine note, sweet scent of grape, cooling eucalyptus, and deep sandalwood. Imagine having a wine tasting session while you are surrounded by wine barrels; aromas of both young and fully aged wine accompanied by the scent of freshly picked grapes fill the air. Enhance your wine drinking experience with our signature scent, or whenever life needs a sumptuous sweetness to help turn an ordinary day into a special occasion.

Smell of freshly cut grass will clear your mind and allow you to breathe deeply.

Walking through The Old Course, one of the most well known golf courses in the world with its vast and picturesque landscape, the cool breeze in the morning combines with the scent of a well manicured yard basked under the warm sun. 
Tie it all up with an earthy scent, and an aquatic note of a dewdrop on the tip of the grass, and the result is a new interpretation of calmness with unobtrusive verdancy, suitable for whenever you want to focus on your task, or simply to give your room a peaceful yet airy atmosphere.

Bright and clean, simple yet elegant. Impress your guests with a scent that guides you down the path along the crystal clear stream, with faint hints of orchards and floral gardens in the air.

A refreshing citrusy cocktail of bergamot and orange blossom combines with a classic combination of lily of the valley, and freesia, while soft musk and agarwood form a clean base. Opulent and vivacious, a fresh out of the shower scent that will brighten your room.

A desirable and romantic scent of a floral bouquet that brings you sparks of joy every morning. A blend of multi-dimensional rosiness from three kinds of pink flower; sweet rose, cooling peony, and soft carnation. With a splash of bracing red apple, and suede to cut through all the sweetness, this is a balanced and well rounded scent that can be used daily. A refreshing floral centrepiece for your home.

Deep and warm guaiac wood from South America join forces with pine balsam, rosemary, and cloves. Wrap everything together in a mist of orange blossom and a new scent is born. A blend that evokes a memory of sitting by the fireplace with aromatic sachets hanging above; the warm light, the sound of crackling flame, fumes of smoked wood, mild spice in the air. A deep yet calming scent, perfect for whenever you want to find your inner peace, or relive the past, all while your mind is warmed by the candlelight.