About Us


We pick up scents in every breath we take. Our scented candles therefore transports you to places with the ordinary act of taking in a breath. 


At Antidotes, we believe the state of relaxation is more than just about scents, this is why we pay attention to every detail that will suit your unique lifestyle. Each detail is curated to give you much needed respite and to calm your every body and mind.


Established in 2021, Antidotes sparked from a casual conversation about fatigue of two office workers in a multinational corporation, both sharing a passion in olfactory. We did not want to just settle for a mediocre brand from simple trial and error, but aimed  to provide a unique experience with each candle. We sifted through countless colour palettes to land on our signature mint green, and carefully chose a custom blend of candle wax for long term health effects in mind. Antidotes offers a wide range of distinct candle experiences for everyone. The products are created to help sooth your heart and mind at any moment of your hectic lives, and there is a unique blend for any circumstance


When we decided to add candles to our collection, we researched every wax on the market. Coconut Wax won us over before we even poured our first candle. We wanted a product that represented giving and light. A product that used ingredients with a negative eco footprint was not an option. It was love at first coconut. Let us help you fall in love with candles again!


Wax – At Antidotes, we mix waxes in a unique approach to achieve a smooth burning and beautiful wax. Antidotes candles are delicately made with a blend of coconut wax and soy wax. Both types of wax have a melting point that is just the right temperature which can even be used for body massage or spa treatment.

Scent –  We use high quality fragrance and essential oils from many countries around the world such as Thailand, England and Switzerland. They have been concocted, studied and developed for almost a year to come up with a unique scent and personality.

Candle Wick – Our wick are made from 100% natural cotton, being braided and coated with a special formula wax. This impregnation process allows the candle wick to have the ability to absorb the wax as fuel for complete combustion. Also it can be lit continuously for a long time until the glass is empty. It does not contain paraffin that is a component of conventional candle wicks that will produce harmful substances such as acetone, Benzene and Toluene to the body.